What Must State Do to Succeed?

Mark Peterson for The Wichita Eagle

Kansas must create a social/cultural/educational environment that enriches the minds of its children. It must foster institutions that can allow people with dreams to find sophisticated problem-solving and advanced technologies. It must provide first-rate infrastructure that enables effective communication and efficient, speedy access to large markets. And, it must encourage a culture that accepts change, welcomes new thinking and tolerates the maverick. 

If we condemn the less fortunate with a self-righteous judgment of self-inflicted failure, we grossly injure the prospects for success for them and their children. If we refuse to embrace the trends toward a greener, more global, more cosmopolitan world, we deny the innovators and the unorthodox the chance to flourish and exercise the potential insights of their alternative views.

If we endorse the politics of exclusion, divisiveness, slash-and-burn pruning of the public sector, resistance to diversity, and a preference for tradition over change, there’s likely to be no answer at all.


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