The wrong priorities for Kansas

We get it, Gov. Brownback: You want to be in control of everything. You want no compromise. You want your way or the highway.

But that’s not the Kansas way.

And editorial writers, bloggers, teachers —Kansans of all stripes — are making known their dissatisfaction with your wrong priorities for Kansas. Here’s a recent sampling.


The Wichita Eagle, May 27
“[T]he legislature and Gov. Sam Brownback recently took it upon themselves to take the power to control budgets and pick chief administrative judges” away from the Kansas Supreme Court.

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The move erodes the Kansas Supreme Court’s capacity to manage the Kansas court system efficiently and fairly in a way that ensures all Kansans equal access to justice. This on the heels of Brownback’s successful push to dismantle the merit-based system for choosing Kansas appellate judges — a long-established selection method based on qualifications, not partisan politics.

Brownback has even proposed changing the Kansas constitution to give him power to politicize the selection of Supreme Court justices, as well.


Larry Weigel, a financial services professional in Manhattan, Kan., recounts in his blog the reaction of one of his clients — “Are you serious?” — to being told about the details and consequences of Brownback’s ill-considered tax policies.

 “[M]ore and more people in Kansas are starting to wake up and see [Brownback’s] tax move as the iceberg waiting for the Titanic. … [P]eople are starting to believe that this tax reduction move for wealthier Kansans will be a death blow to education, Medicaid, and other important programs …”

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The Kansas City Star, May 17
The recent events marking the anniversary of the Brown v. Topeka Board of Education decision provided another opportunity for Kansas schoolteachers to don their red t-shirts of protest. They gathered in Topeka to tell Sam Brownback — yet again — that he’d gone too far in cutting school funding and in undermining teachers’ ability to serve as their students’ most fervent advocates.

“Teachers and education advocates protested Saturday at the Kansas Statehouse against what they described as Republican Gov. Sam Brownback’s policies attacking public schools.”

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The people of Kansas want a governor focused on strengthening our economy and improving our schools. Not one with the wrong priorities for our state.

Kansas Values Institute

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