Sam Brownback: In the dark?

The news brings more evidence that Gov. Sam Brownback just doesn’t seem to know what's going on.

He told Kansans he just didn’t know until after his re-election that Kansas faced incredible budget deficits surpassing $1 billion over the next two years. He must’ve just missed all the media reports, because they were all over the place in the months leading up to the election.

Now the Associated Press is reporting that a federal grand jury in Topeka is investigating loans made to Brownback’s re-election campaign by Lt. Gov. Jeff Collyer or by Brownback himself — loans that Brownback has declined to come clean about.

Sam Brownback just didn’t know that his reckless policies had put the Kansas budget into a tailspin. He just didn’t know that loans to his campaign might be questionable. He just didn't know that his funding cuts for education might be unconstitutional.

There seems to be a lot that Brownback just doesn’t know. 

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