More bad news for schools

How is Gov. Sam Brownback’s experiment on education working?

It’s not.

And there’s a new report from the nonpartisan Kansas Center for Economic Growth that lays out the evidence.

The report notes that “State funding cuts are making it harder for Kansas public schools to provide children with a high-quality education. ... Kansas’ public schools are struggling with crowded classrooms, fewer teachers and other challenges after seeing their state funding cut repeatedly since the recession in 2009 — with no relief in sight because of ongoing, scheduled tax cuts.”

This graphic from the report sums up some of the most worrying consequences of the shorting Kansas schools on the funding our students need.


You can read the full report here: Quality at Risk: The Impact of Education Cuts.

For decades, our schools have been the pride of Kansas. And when you cut schools, you cut Kansas.

Just more evidence that it’s time for the Brownback experiment to end.
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