Brownback allies use funding crisis to create more problems for education

Kansans know that Sam Brownback and his reckless fiscal “experiment” are to blame for the crisis in education funding. Now they know, too, who to blame for punitive policy measures tucked into legislation responding to the recent Supreme Court decision. 

Newspapers from around the state are opining on the same matters. Here’s a brief selection.

Butler County Times-Gazette, April 7
Teachers get burned while Masterson gets a tan

“There have been thousands of conservatives in the state legislature in the more than 50 years since teachers first received the right to a hearing before being fired. If you want to see the origin of this bill, follow the straight line between the Koch brothers, AFP, Brownback and the Senate.

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Kansas City Star, April 6

Kansas weekend theatrics can’t obscure state’s fiscal crisis

“Conservatives in the Kansas Legislature this weekend took advantage of a serious problem — inequities in public school funding — to attack teachers and create new problems.”

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Hays Daily News, April 6

School non-funding

“For no reason other than to kowtow to a power-hungry governor, the Legislature has opened fire on public education. Rather than fulfill the constitutionally mandated job requirement to provide for suitable education, they're arguing over trivial matters.

“To our state senators and representatives, understand this: This has just gotten personal in Hays USD 489. You are forcing a solid district with superb teachers and excellent outcomes to shortchange this community's children. There is no excuse for the reckless agenda and predictable results you pursue in the Statehouse.”

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