Bad leadership gets noticed

In recent months, the media all around Kansas — and, increasingly elsewhere in the country — have regularly taken Gov. Sam Brownback to task for the dual failures of his leadership and his “experiment” on the state and its people.

Here’s a sampling of recent stories we thought you should see.

The Des Moines Register, Sept. 7
Something is wrong in Kansas

“... [T]he fiscal policies currently pursued by my native Kansas are dangerous. They have the potential to cause long-lasting damage to the state, especially to the educational system.”

The Wichita Eagle,
 Aug. 29
Brownback facing authenticity deficit

“Effective leaders build trust through actions that show authenticity and accountability. That trust enhances leadership and allows followers to forgive and forget missteps along the way.

“Brownback’s actions have eroded his authenticity.”

The Hutchinson News, Aug. 29
Wistful wish: Governor tastes buyer’s remorse with teacher approach in Kansas

“…[W]hen it comes to teachers and public education, his words and his actions don’t align. Under Brownback’s leadership, public education has been assaulted. Classroom spending has fallen, while the administration tries to convince voters that money for buildings, meals, pensions and the governor’s pet projects is an increase in classroom spending.”

The Wichita Eagle, Aug. 27
Stop digging budget hole

“Gov. Sam Brownback and his campaign officials apparently don’t believe in the old adage: If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.

“Not only do they want to keep digging the state into deeper budget problems, they are appalled by a proposal by Democratic gubernatorial candidate Paul Davis to postpone future tax cuts.”

Just more reminders that Brownback has the wrong priorities for Kansas. It’s time for the Brownback experiment to end.

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