There's something special about Kansas. You can see it in the wide open spaces of the Flint Hills. You can feel it at the small town parades and festivals where friends, family and neighbors gather together. And, you can sense it in the faces of our their hopes and dreams. It's a spirit that lives in all of us.

But, as our country weathers these difficult economic times, that spirit is threatened. Right now, outsiders and special interest groups are working to change the foundation of our state - the foundation that was built by the blood and sweat of the generations that came before us. These special interest groups are more interested in gimmicks and quick fixes that places like Texas, Florida and Washington, DC have tried to employ.

If you like the way Washington is being run, our movement isn't for you. But, if you are tired of the political nonsense, join us. There is nothing wrong with this state that cannot be fixed by what is right with our state. We need a Kansas solution.

Now is the time for us to stand up for our values - Kansas values. It's our state, let's take it back!

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